Friday, January 14, 2011

God's Kindness

Be the living expression of God's kindness:

Kindness in your face.

Kindness in your eyes.

Kindness in your smile.

Mother Teresa

Light for Today: For the happy heart, life is a continual feast. Proverbs 15:15 NLT


Terra said...

Hi, this is my first visit here, and I am glad to meet you. Mother Teresa is a wonderful teacher, isn't she?

bj said...

Hello, I'm bj and Kathy at Kathy's Cottage told me to come by and visit a bit. The gifts you sent her are just beautiful...and I could almost smell the wonderful fragrance of your soaps. :)

I hope you will come by sometime. I am a grandmother of 10 and a great-grandmother of one..her name is Cate and....she is spoiled rotten. :)) Ain't life grand!!
xoxo bj

Mahek said...

I got through to your blog through Kathys cottage
I love your blog very simple and true.
I am going to back read everything....
Can you tell me or give us a tutorial of how the cookies and pie card made They look so good...

Erin said...

Stopped by from Kathy's Cottage. Do you sell your creations? Lovely.

Erin said...

Oh my email is Thanks!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Anita,
Hope you're having a great weekend!


Sandy said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for coming to visit 521 Lake Street. As far as the Cricut, I would not invest in the Cricut Imagine, there is another machine out there called the "Silhouette" does even more, but it is 300.00 ! I am giving it a year to come down in price..LOL My CD's are scanned at 300 dpi, very clear images. They are jpeg formula so they can be made any size you need for crafting....Please email me at for more info on them. I have a total of three different CD's all vintage children's cards and such! Sandy

bee'nme said...

Hi Anita!

Your posts are always such a breath of fresh air - thank you!

I love the precious goodies that you sent Kathy - so cute and yummy! Do you plan to have an Etsy shop someday? Just wondering...I'm sure you would do well!

I am so glad that the crafts you made from the "freezin" clipart was a hit. I am definitely planning a Valentine collection...I'll be sure and let you know when it's ready, Lord willing...

Thanks as always for your sweet encouragements!

Hugs & Blessings,

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