Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slow Down

It's important to slow down

and enjoy the little miracles around us...

like the petals on a flower...

or a gentle breeze on a warm summer evening.

These are little things that God uses to say how much He loves you.

Light for Today: The blessing of the Lord makes one rich. Proverbs 10:22


Valerie Jones said...

Yes, if you don't slow down God will make sure you slow down. His favorite way of slowing me down is knocking me off my feet with illness.

It's beautiful here today. We had a lot of rain this week, so everything is bright green. The lilies are blooming at their best in several years.

Anita Kehn said...

Why are we always in a hurry? We get just as much done if we stop to smell the flowers and enjoy life more in the process. I'm slowly learning!!

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