Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does Jesus Know Me?

Does Jesus Know Me?

Do I Know Jesus?

It is possible to know all about the Bible and doctrine and yet not have a personal relationship with Jesus. We must be passionately devoted to Him. We must have an intimate relationship with Him to understand His voice. We can walk and talk with Him every day all day. He will know us and we will know Him. He is our very best friend. One we share all our secret sorrows and joys with. What a wonderful friend!

Light for Today: He calls...by name. John 10:3


Neetu said...

I want more of Jesus. I want a closer walk with Him. I desire more of His presence in my life. I am starting a full time job on the 1 April 2012. I'm so afraid tha I won have enough time to pray. I have difficulty waking up early every morning and I do not wan to lose my time with Him. I am empty without my time spent with Him.

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