Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love From The Heart

graphic purchased at: Aimee Asher

Have you ever noticed that if people are not on your heart they are on your nerves? If your husband isn't on your heart he is on your nerves? That is just about the way it is. The same for your friends. If they are not on your heart they are are on your nerves. Real love for them starts by trying to understand them. Really listen to what they are saying to you. Some people you find almost unlovable. Are you really trying to understand them? Most people have a reason for acting like they do. Our love must go beyond the natural ~ it must be a supernatural kind of love. A love that comes from God. That is the only kind of love that really lasts. God's love is not something you can work up on your own. It must be poured into you by the Holy Spirit. as you live close to God every day. This kind of love understands, cares and tries to help. This kind of love lasts through all sorts of tough circumstances and heartaches. This is the very best kind of love.

Light for Today: It is right for me to feel this way about all of you since I have you in my heart. Philippians 1:7 NIV


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