Friday, April 23, 2010

Disappointments & Prayer

Disappointments & Prayer

Disappointments come to us. We do not invite them but they come anyway. We don't like them ~ they hurt. Some disappointments such as a handicapped child or a disease can last a lifetime. We should not be afraid of disappointments, they come for a reason. They are a necessary part of life. If it wasn't for disappointments we would not appreciate our joys. Disappointments take us to the heart of Jesus. We should pray to Him and tell Him all about them. We do not need to use fancy words, plain and simple will do as long as it is the cry from the very bottom of our heart. He understands and holds each tear in His hand. He wants to help us carry those disappointments and trust Him completely. When we trust Jesus our disappointments can turn into blessings!

On the wings of prayer

our burdens take flight ~

our load of care

becomes bearably light.

Helen Steiner Rice

Light for Today: Give your burdens to the Lord. He will carry them. Psalm 55:22 NLB

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